Plugins with tag "Editor"


Plugin that brings support for QuickLook in the debugger, similar to Xcode's content renderers.


Extract strings fields value to clipboard as SQL.


Plugin for real-time collaborative editing and issue tracking.

Webx Link

By push
It's a tool for switch file in IDEA Editor between vm and java files which is called "Screen" or "Control" in Webx Framework.


Close tabs to the right, for Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and other JetBrains products.


create others value dimen file by your current dimen file.

Build JSON

Create toJson() method in java file automatically use alt+insert - toJson().


Easily find the definition of outermost Class/Function which current line belongs to.

Spell Checker Bulgarian Dictionary

By fire1
Standard bulgarian dictionary for Spell Checker plugin.

Error Item Line Marker

Displays an icon in the left gutter to indicate an error on the line.