Plugins with tag "Editor"

Spell Checker Bulgarian Dictionary

By fire1
Standard bulgarian dictionary for Spell Checker plugin.

Error Item Line Marker

Displays an icon in the left gutter to indicate an error on the line.

Easy Literal

By wnbot
A easy way to input literal value.


By selecting a text and them pressing "CTRL+ALT+," i.e.


RBESort is a IntelliJ plugin which helps to sort your property files in the same way like the fantastic ResourceBundle Editor by Paul Essiembre for Eclipse...

ServiceNow Plugin

servicenow-plugin The plugin exists to simplify the developing process while you edit Servicenow scripts.


Reverse Selected Text 1.


Stuck in your code? Want to google about it? Just select the text and press CTRL+ALT+K and get results from google search engine as a popup.

Eclipse-like EnterInStringLiteral Tweak

This tweak brings about Eclipse-like Enter behavior at the end of String literal.

Translate IDEA Plugin

The translate plugin allows you to translate.