Plugins with tag "Inspection"

Inspection-JS for Demetra

Adds over 70 new automated code inspections for IntelliJ IDEA for auditing JavaScript.

Hibernate Inspections

Hibernate silently fails in certain situations, leading to bugs which are difficult to track down.

Code Litter

Show existing Checkstyle, PMD and FindBugs violations in.

Final modifier

Auto insert 'final' modifier.


CodeInterview Plugin is an IDEA version of the functionality.

Android Gradle Metrics

Plugin for showing code quality metrics from gradle tasks within Android Studio.

Activity createIntent Inspection

This plugin add a custom inspection that checks Activity implements a public static method of creating its Intent.

ATG Inspections

Provides inspections specific to ATG environment.

Singleton Inspection

This inspection reports about (probably) inappropriate use of Singleton pattern.


Provides highlighting of the SwiftLint errors.