Plugins with tag "Languages"

Fantom Support

Fantom programming language support.

lsFusion support

Plugin adds editing and navigation support for lsFusion scripting files (*.lsf).

OpenResty Lua Support

Adds lua-nginx-module auto-completion and documentation to Lua code.


Fortran language support.

Twelf Plugin

Jelf adds Twelf language support to IntelliJ IDEA.

Parser for IDEA 6.0

By __jay
Support for parser server-side scripting language.

Autosys JIL plugin

Syntax highlighting for Autosys JIL files.


Creates an environment for creating Arc code, including syntax highlighting, simple structure view, and a REPL.

NSIS plugin

By KAdot
NSIS syntax highlighting plugin.

Redline Smalltalk

Redline Smalltalk is a Smalltalk for the JVM.