Plugins with tag "Formatting"

Jalopy Plugin for Idea 10

Updated Jalopy plugin for newer versions of IntelliJ.


Applies DVK coding convention to a Java-file.


this is a plugin for android Layout formatting,you can use this plugin to farmat you layout.xml; it can make you layout.xml more beautiful.

Android Project Exporter

Use this to export your homework.


Add Format action in Edit menu to format the current opened

Code Style Hook

Plugin to apply the project's code style to a subset of the changed files on commit.

JBehave Example Table Formatter

The plugin provides a convenient way for formatting Example Tables in JBehave .story files to have same column length.


Format yaml file.

IntelliJ IDEA Properties Sorter

If you are working on a project where different IDEs are used, properties files will often cause merge conflicts because of different format and ordering.

Comment Formatter

Intellij plugin used to align comments.