Plugins with tag "Navigation"

EventBus3 Intellij Plugin

By likfe
Provides actions which allow you quickly move around the event bus.(now it only for EventBus 3.x) to @Subscribe or onEventMainThread @Subscribe to...

Request mapper

Plugin for quick navigation to url mapping declaration.

Railways for IDEA

Railways plugin makes navigation between Ruby On Rails route actions much quicker.

Go To Project

Enables opening project windows with speed search.

Switch Structure

Displays a label list for a switch statement enclosing the caret, jumps to source on Enter.


A plugin that eases the navigation through the elements of a project and the execution of actions on those elements. Please visit the home page of this plugin for a...


Open files quickly by organizing them in seperate lists.


Collection of simple utilities for IDEA.


Allows navigation from within Ant files Xpress files (Programming language of the Sun Identity Manager/Oracle Waveset) OIM xml files (Export/import format...

Android Color Manager

The plugin that manages Android colors.