Plugins with tag "XML"

XMLBean Generator

XMLBean Integration.

Log4j Plugin

A plugin to accelate log4j.xml file writing.

Android Styler

This plugin will save you a lot of time if you work with android layouts. You can easily create styles from view attributes.

XML Pack

XML Pack.

android databinding

this is a plugin of android-databinding framework.

Material Design Specs

Android Studio & IntelliJ Plugin for Android UI widgets with Material Design specifications.

XSL-FO Support for IntelliJ IDEA

This plugin provides run configuration that allows execution of XSL-FO transformations with Apache FOP.

XLIFF Support

XLIFF Plugin GitHub Repository.

JiBX Idea Plugin

Provides JiBX Binding support for Java language.

Selector Generator Plus

自动生成android Selector Drawable&Color.