Plugins with tag "OS Integration"

Native Neighbourhood

Provides some actions to integrate IDEA into the native desktop environment.

Open containing folder in a File Explorer

By irfan
Opens the containing folder for the current file in the file Explorer.The Explorer program may be specified in The Settings. This Plugin will work in...


Provide a bookmarking application to view, search and bookmark PDF files.


Opens the relevent folder when right clicked.


Plugin for Viewing folders with Windows Explorer - Category: Editor.


This plugin support for file assotiations for IntelliJ application.


(Windows Only!) This plugin adds a menu item that lets you choose what priority the process should run as.

Windows Context Menu

Windows Explorer context menu for files and folders within IDEA project.


Use this plugin to open the folder that contains the file currently open in the edit window.

HTML Previewer

Embeded Internet Explorer for previewing of edited HTMLs.