Plugins with tag "Android"

AndroidStudio Template Update Plugin

Android Studio Template Update Plugin.

Android ORM Tool

The Android ORM (AORM) plugin, help Android developers to add ORM capability with AORM quickly.


By wkp11
Plugin to general some utils class.

Plugin for Adaptive Android Imposition

This plugin can help you create Android items such as RecyclerView, TextView, BottomNavigation, BottomSheet, Buttons, Cards, Divider, FloatingActionButton, Toolbar with...


Plugin for Android Studio.

YXDroid Tools

the android development tools´╝îinclude the following:.


A plugin that helps you to create RecyclerView Adapter with DataBinding.

Dr.Vector Android

By evoxx

Data Binding getter setter

android data binding setter and getter, similar to the default getter/setter.

Dagger Weaver

By ruanr
dagger template code builder for mogu live.