Plugins with tag "Code tools"

Compare Directories

Allows the fast comparison of two directories or archive files (jar, zip, war...


Allows for easy creation of Java POJOs from JSON, with GSON annotations and accessors.

PermissionsDispatcher plugin

IntelliJ plugin for supporting PermissionsDispatcher.

Assets Compressor

By memo
Compressing js and css files, go to Refactor > Compress.


By EgorK
Inlines library code and provides testing framework.


With the EduTools plugin, you can learn and teach programming languages such as Kotlin, Java, and Python in the form of coding tasks and custom verification tests right...

Swagger Codegen

Swagger Codegen.

IDEA Feature Suggester

Provides feature suggesting utility.

Log Support

Log Support This plugin supports creating and managing log calls. Once installed the plugin makes using log frameworks as painless as printing to stdout.

Code Explorer

CodeExplorer helps to analyze Java code.