Plugins with tag "Search and replace"

SyncEdit 2

SyncEdit allows you to refactor words in your code in a more flexible manner than that found in the default editor. Code Search

Source Code Search on

Google Code Search

Enables to search source code in Google.

Natural Language Code Search

Search for pieces of code using natural language.


Similar to 'SyncEdit' functionality already in Borland Delphi, and soon to be in Eclipse... This plugin allows you to do an inplace synchronized edit of all...

Code Search

Search code online.

Firefox Search

Searches for the current word or selection via Firefox search plugins.

jQAssistant Plugin

New in version 1.1 Update to Neo4j 2.2.0 What is it? Execute queries against an existing jQAssistant database and show results in the Find Toolwindow.

Compare Panes

Compare contents of 2 tabs or panes (including ones not visible at the same time) from caret or selection start to end of file.

FullText search

Smart and fast search engine using Lucene (from apache).