Plugins with tag "Code editing"


Bootstrap 3 live templates / snippets GitHub Homepage.

Emacs+ Patched

Emacs like enhancements for IntelliJ IDEA.

Course Hero Helper Plugin

Code Generation:.


Reformat (local) python code using google/yapf Requirement.

CoolSharp Code Section Generator

This plugin is a section of code automatically makes the source code.

SEL Editor

An IDEA plugin for the SEL language.


Insert random strings and numbers with the press of a single key.

Hakuna Matata Postfix Completion

By m3n0R
The main purpose of the plugin is adding postfix completion and live templates we can use in our day to day development.

Hungry Backspace Reloaded

Modifies BackSpace key to hungrily delete whitespace.

Jump Source Spec

Easy to swap between source and test file.