Plugins with tag "Fun stuff"

Soa Debugger

Debugger for soa services.

TIOBE index for Kotlin

A small widget for status bar that shows actual TIOBE index for Kotlin language.

Pudelek plugin for Intellij IDEA

Remake of Pudelek Eclispe Plug-in.

Dissemination: 2d ASCII game

By vxx11
when programmer closes IDE, the secret life of computer program begins.


This is a plugin that helps you pick the right emoji expression when git is submitted.

Automate Live Templates

Plugin for searching frequent structures in code.


Support for Online judge, Programming contest and Competitive programming contest site.


Changing stage TRT's for DKLite DKA.


This plugin is IntelliJ IDEA version of article.


Automatic repair of bugs with Nopol What this plugin does? This plugin allows you to automatically fix your program based on the test suite.