Plugins with tag "Editor"

Error Item Line Marker

Displays an icon in the left gutter to indicate an error on the line.


Easily find the definition of outermost Class/Function which current line belongs to.

Spell Checker Bulgarian Dictionary

By fire1
Standard bulgarian dictionary for Spell Checker plugin.

Easy Literal

By wnbot
A easy way to input literal value.

ServiceNow Plugin

servicenow-plugin The plugin exists to simplify the developing process while you edit Servicenow scripts.


Reverse Selected Text 1.

Path Title

Set the window title to include full path.

open file to pane plugin

open file to left or right pane.

Undo Scroll

Press CTRL-Z or CTRL-Shift-Z, hold down CTRL, and scroll to stream through undo and redo events.

Duplicate Lines

By xusoo
Allows to duplicate the entire selected lines, not just down (like you already can by default), but also up.