Plugins with tag "Languages"


Ballerina is a general purpose, concurrent and strongly typed programming language with both textual and graphical syntax, optimized for integration.


Emblem template support.


A plugin for Rust in IntelliJ IDEA.

Elm Language Support

Support for Elm language.


XQuery 1.0, 3.0, and 3.1 language support with error recovery and support for: Full Text 1.0, and 3.0; Update Facility 1.0, and 3.0; Scripting Extension 1.0.

Pyxl Support

Adds support for Pyxl files.


Textmapper support.

NASM Assembly Support

Simple code highlighter for NASM x86/x64 assembly language.

Frozen Idea

ICE framework support.

NASM Language

NASM language for JetBrains IDEs.