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Bootstrap 3 live templates / snippets GitHub Homepage.

Rainbow Brackets

Rainbow Brackets / Rainbow Parentheses for IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs.


This plugin provides basic Ember.js support to all JetBrains IDEs that support JavaScript.


By zielu
Enriches SVN integration Following functionality was added.

Injection for AppCode

Dynamic Objective-C Code Injection for App Code.

Sexy Editor

Make your IntelliJ IDE editor sexy with a background image in your editor's area :) Use different image(s) for different file sets, on various positions, in random...


A plugin for code-related communications between developers.

Lines Sorter

Add Sort Lines action in Edit menu to sort selected lines or whole file if selection is empty.

Makefile support

Support for UNIX Makefiles.

GitLab integration

GitLab integration plugin.