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Sticky Selection

You can mark a selection to be permanent, and so when you move the caret away, the selection will remain highlighted. You can have up to 8 selection groups.


Allows other programs to make IDEA jump to specified java code.


This plugin allows you to have fresh posts of your LiveJournal friends inside IDEA.

WDK View

Provides the user with a simplified view of WDK components.


Regularly checks with the IDEA plugin repository if there are updates available for any of the installed 3rd-party plugins and installs all of the available...


The HandyTapestry plugin for IntelliJ Idea helps you to develop Tapestry web applications faster.


Toggles between the Code and a Test.

PVCS Integration

Allows using PVCS Version Manager from within IntelliJ IDEA.

Tapestry 4.1

Tapestry 4.1 Basic tapestry 4.1 support.


Takes a sentence and turns it into a FIT method or classname.