Top Rated


Metrics, insights, and time tracking automatically generated from your programming activity.

Upsource Integration

Integration with JetBrains Upsource.


Lua language integration for IntelliJ.

Needs More Dojo

Tools for working with the dojo toolkit.

Log Support Lite

Clone core features from "Log Support" which is not maintained for a long time.

Changelist Organizer

By 4ch1m
Automatically organizes your modified files by moving them into predefined changelists.


By syl
The first plugin in the world to gamify development in IntelliJ IDEs.


The tabifier plugin retabs Java code so that syntactic elements are aligned vertically.

Postfix Completion

The basic idea is to prevent caret jumps backward while typing code, let you start with the some expression, explore some APIs, think about what you are going to do and...

Nette framework helpers

Nette development with pleasure.