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Presentation Assistant

By nik
This plugin shows name and Win/Mac shortcuts of any action you invoke (View | Descriptions of Actions).

VisualVM Launcher

By meo
Launches VisualVM from within IDEA.

Save Actions

Supports configurable, Eclipse like, save actions, including "organize imports", "reformat code", "rearrange code", "compile file" and some quick fixes for Java like...


Rearranges (reorders) class and class member declarations according to a user-specified order and/or method call hierarchy; generates section-marking comments; ...


A Program Structure Interface (PSI) tree viewer.

Database Navigator

Database development, scripting and navigation tool.


Plugin that generates java docs on java class elements, like field, method, etc.

Quick Notes

Quick Notes is a plugin written for IntelliJ IDEA.

Focus on Active Task

Focuses the project tree view on the active task, only displaying relevant files/paths.


Plugin provides possibility to create several UI profiles for different screen resolutions and easily toggle between them.