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MaxCompute Studio

MaxCompute is a big data processing platform developed by Alibaba Cloud independently.

SQL Query Plugin

A tool for executing SQL statements through a JDBC connection.

Lombok Plugin

IntelliJ Lombok plugin.


Switch easily between CamelCase, camelCase, snake_case and SNAKE_CASE.

Log Support

Log Support This plugin supports creating and managing log calls. Once installed the plugin makes using log frameworks as painless as printing to stdout.


Vim emulation plug-in for IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform.

Close Editor Tabs Left Right

IntelliJ plugin to close all open editor tabs to the left and right of your current one, includes actions, context menu and editor tabs items.


Adds option for a JSONObject and Cursor constructor.


Adds favorite folders into FileChooser dialog toolbar.

JBehave Support

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for JBehave This plugin provides some support for JBehave.