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FogBugz Issue Tracker 2

a more recent version of the integration with FogBugz issue tracker.


Adds the ability to run builds in sandboxes, under different user accounts (requires TeamCity 6.5.3).

JetBrains Hub

- provides integration with JetBrains Hub, allowing for single sign-on (SSO) and automatic update of user details from Hub in TeamCity.

OAuth2 authentication

Enable GitHub or generic oAuth2 authentication to build server.


Use the BrowserStack TeamCity plugin to easily integrate your TeamCity setup with BrowserStack.

HashiCorp Vault Support

The plugin allows connecting TeamCity to Vault, requesting new credentials when a build starts, passing them to the build script, and revoking them immediately when the...

Kubernetes Cloud Support

The plugin allows ot run TeamCity cloud agents in a Kubernetes cluster and provides Helm build step.


Cradiator is a Windows (WPF) app that displays a summary of Continuous Integration (CI) project statuses.


A radiator in a game-like design.

Rust and Cargo

allows building rust projects via cargo tool.