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Mongo integration for Intellij

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Bug fixes and introducing DBRef Navigation (experimental)
The newest version 0.8.1 gives a "Server is not set" error after upgrading. Downloaded the previous version for my build (version 0.7.6) and it is working fine again.
I get the error "Server is not set" despite the fact that it successfully connects to the server and I can actually view the database. Does not work and now I can't run .js at all, even when it does not use mongodb.
At first: very nice plugin. Love it I'm using WebStorm 2016.1.3 with plugin -v 0.7.6 and I encountered a problem, but maybe it's just a not working feature right now: I want to start the db within WebStorm via Run/Debug Configuration (path to shell in settings is set). But I get "Error: the server is not set.", and I can't select the dropdown menu. Am I doing something wrong or is just not working so far? Thanks for this great work! Greetings
Nice feature. Need Ssh tunnel as well !!! Thanks !
Nice little tool for connecting to Mongo Databases from Idea and for displaying the BSON document trees.
It will be more useful if it will have 'SSH tunnel' option, thanks.
In the configuration I set up the right path for the mongo executable but when I test the connection I got a timeout. If I start the mongo server with the command line the connection works fine
Haven't played with this yet, but it took me awhile to realize that while 135 wasn't compatible with my system (most recent everything), 131 was!
Its not working on Mac OSX 10.9.1 Phpstorm 7.1. When i create a new server and press TEST everything is ok but as soon as i close the settings and press refresh in the mongo explorer i get an error: 10:04:34 Network: Error when collecting Mongo databases: can't call something : localhost/ And when i change the server from localhost to i get: 10:05:36 Network: Error when collecting Mongo databases: can't call something : / It could have been a nice tool.
Very convenient.
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