IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

CLion Plugin Development


CLion is an IntelliJ Platform-based product. Plugin projects for CLion can be developed using IntelliJ IDEA with the gradle-intellij-plugin.

Configuring Plugin Projects Targeting CLion

The configuration of CLion plugin projects follows the methods described in Configuring Plugin Projects using a Product-Specific Attribute, and Configuring the plugin.xml File.

The table below summarizes the gradle-intellij-plugin attributes to set in the plugin project's build.gradle file. Click on an entry in the table's Attribute column to go to the documentation about that attribute.

gradle-intellij-plugin Attribute

Attribute Value


CL for the product CLion.


Set to the targeted CLion version, e.g. 2019.3.1.


No specific declaration is needed.


false is required because no public source code is available.


Not needed; the Development Instance will automatically match intellij.type.

The dependency on the CLion APIs must be declared in the plugin.xml file. As described in Modules Specific to Functionality table, the <depends> elements should contain the CLion module, as illustrated in the plugin.xml snippet below:

<!-- Required for core CLion functionality --> <depends>com.intellij.modules.clion</depends>

Available CLion APIs

Use the Exploring APIs as a Consumer process to identify the JAR files under the External Library Gradle:com.jetbrains:clion:<version>. Test your plugin with versions of CLion you intend to support.

Open Source Plugins for CLion

When learning new APIs, it is helpful to have some representative projects for reference:

Last modified: 19 January 2022