IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

9. Commenter Test

Define a Test Method

Add the testCommenter() method to the SimpleCodeInsightTest class previously defined. This test constructs a Simple Language properties file containing one line, with the virtual caret positioned at the beginning of the line. The test calls the commenter to insert a comment character at the caret, then verifies the results. It again calls the line comment action to remove the comment character and verifies the results.

public void testCommenter() { myFixture.configureByText(SimpleFileType.INSTANCE, "<caret>website ="); CommentByLineCommentAction commentAction = new CommentByLineCommentAction(); commentAction.actionPerformedImpl(getProject(), myFixture.getEditor()); myFixture.checkResult("#website ="); commentAction.actionPerformedImpl(getProject(), myFixture.getEditor()); myFixture.checkResult("website ="); }

Run the Test

Run the test and make sure it's successful.

Running tests

  1. Open the Gradle Tool Window.

  2. Select the simple_language_plugin node. You may need to reimport it as a Gradle project.

  3. Drill down under simple_language_plugin to Tasks, verification, test task.

  4. Run the test task.

The results are displayed in the Run Tool Window, and also written to the simple_language_plugin/build/test-results/test directory.

If the Run Tool Window displays the error Test events were not received, do the following:

  1. In the Gradle Tool Window, drill down under simple_language_plugin to Tasks, build, clean task.

  2. Run the clean task, which deletes the simple_language_plugin/build directory.

  3. Restart the test.

    Last modified: 25 July 2024