IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help


The following independent companies and individuals provide paid plugin consulting and development services.

Robert Ekendahlwww.edaphic.studioCustom Language support
Patrick Scheibewww.halirutan.dePlugins: Wolfram Language, Key Promoter X. Highly active in the #intellij-platform on JetBrains Platform Slack.
Alexander, alexander.schwartz@msg.groupCustom Language support around documentation-as-code, especially AsciiDoc and Antora. Plugin: AsciiDoc
Alexey, www.haulmont.comPlugins: CUBA., edument.seDevelopers of Comma IDE
Mikhail Bolotovmikhail.bolotov@gmail.comPlugins: Cypress Support Pro, k6

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Last modified: 22 February 2021