IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Creating a Plugin Project

This section explains how you can create a new plugin project from scratch using the New Project wizard. Optionally, you can import an existing project or import a project from external models. You can also add a new plugin module to a current IntelliJ Platform project. For more information, refer to the IntelliJ IDEA Web Help.

To Create an IntelliJ Platform Plugin Project:

  • On the main menu, choose File | New | Project. The New Project wizard starts.

    New Project Wizard

  • Set IntelliJ Platform Plugin project type.

  • Click Next.

  • Set the desired project name.

  • Click Finish to generate project structure files.

  • Go to File | Project Structure to customize project settings if required.

To Create an IntelliJ Platform Plugin Module

  • Select File | New | Module and choose the IntelliJ Platform Plugin module type

    IntelliJ Platform Plugin Module

  • Enter your desired plugin name.

  • Go to File | Project Structure and select the newly created IntelliJ Platform SDK as the default SDK for the plugin module:

    Set Plugin Module SDK

Adding Code to the Project

Before running the new project, add some code to provide simple functionality. See the Creating Actions tutorial for step-by-step instructions for adding a menu action.

Last modified: 05 October 2021