IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Deploying a Theme

Before your custom theme plugin can be uploaded to JetBrains Marketplace and used by users, it should be packaged and verified in the actual IDE.

The deployment process prepares the plugin artifact that can be installed in IDE.

Deploying Theme Plugin

  1. Build the theme by invoking Build | Build Project or Build | Build Module $MODULE_NAME$.

  2. Create the deployment artifact by invoking Build | Prepare Plugin Module $MODULE_NAME$ for Deployment.

    The resulting theme JAR file will be created in the project or module directory.

    In the case of developing a regular plugin, and it specifies additional dependencies, a ZIP archive is created, including all the plugin libraries.

  3. Install the newly created JAR or ZIP file from disk.

  4. Click the Apply button.

  5. Select your theme in Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance and apply the changes.

    Last modified: 26 April 2023