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11. Documentation Test

This test will check if the documentation provider, implemented in the Documentation section of the Custom Language Support Tutorial, works as expected.

Define a Test Method

Add the testDocumentation() method to the SimpleCodeInsightTest class previously defined. This test uses the files and DocumentationTestData.simple from the testData directory to construct a test project and opens the first one in the editor with the virtual caret positioned at the usage of the Simple Language property.

Using the DocumentationManager, it checks if a target element for documentation is found, retrieves the documentation provider for the Simple Language and creates the documentation string for the target element. Finally, the documentation string is verified against the expected output.

public void testDocumentation() { myFixture.configureByFiles("", "DocumentationTestData.simple"); final PsiElement originalElement = myFixture.getElementAtCaret(); PsiElement element = DocumentationManager .getInstance(getProject()) .findTargetElement(myFixture.getEditor(), originalElement.getContainingFile(), originalElement); if (element == null) { element = originalElement; } final DocumentationProvider documentationProvider = DocumentationManager.getProviderFromElement(element); final String generateDoc = documentationProvider.generateDoc(element, originalElement); assertNotNull(generateDoc); assertSameLinesWithFile(getTestDataPath() + "/" + "DocumentationTest.html.expected", generateDoc); }

Run the Test

Run the test and make sure it's green.

Last modified: 01 July 2022