IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Contributing to the IntelliJ Platform SDK

This document describes our contribution guidelines for the open-source IntelliJ Platform SDK documentation and sample code. Before you begin contributing content to the SDK, please read this page thoroughly as well as the Code of Conduct and License documents. For information about contributing to the IntelliJ Platform itself, please visit Contributing to the IntelliJ Platform.

Creating IntelliJ Platform SDK Content

Content contributions to the IntelliJ Platform SDK are welcome.

Please download or clone the open-source SDK project from GitHub, make additions or changes, and submit a pull request.

Before creating or altering content, please consult these guides:

  • SDK Documentation Style Guide. This guide describes documentation conventions in terms of Markdown syntax.

  • SDK Code Sample Guidelines. Conventions for code sample organization, project settings, and naming conventions are described in this document. Always test code changes by building and testing the SDK code sample.

Last modified: 15 March 2021