IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Migrating DevKit Plugin to Gradle

Converting a plugin created with the old DevKit approach (which can be used for creating themes) to a Gradle-based plugin project can be done using the New Project wizard to create a Gradle-based project around the existing DevKit-based project:

  • Ensure the directory containing the DevKit-based IntelliJ Platform plugin project can be fully recovered if necessary.

  • Delete all the artifacts of the DevKit-based project:

    • .idea directory

    • [modulename].iml file

    • out directory

  • Arrange the existing source files within the project directory in the Gradle source set format.

  • Use the New Project wizard as though creating a new Gradle-based plugin project from scratch. On the New Project page choose the IDE Plugin generator and set the values of:

    • Group to the existing package in the initial source set.

    • Artifact to the name of the existing plugin.

    • Name to the name of the directory where the existing plugin is located, e.g. if the plugin project base directory is /Users/john/Projects/old_plugin, it should be the old_plugin.

    • Location to the name of the plugin's parent directory, e.g. if the plugin project base directory is /Users/john/Projects/old_plugin, it should be the /Users/john/Projects.

  • Click Finish to create the new Gradle-based plugin.

  • Add more modules using Gradle source sets as needed.

Last modified: 07 December 2022