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Persisting Sensitive Data

The Credentials Store API allows you to store sensitive user data securely, like passwords, server URLs, etc.

How to Use

Use PasswordSafe to work with credentials.

Retrieve Stored Credentials

String key = null; // e.g. serverURL, accountID CredentialAttributes credentialAttributes = createCredentialAttributes(key); Credentials credentials = PasswordSafe.getInstance().get(credentialAttributes); if (credentials != null) { String password = credentials.getPasswordAsString(); } // or get password only String password = PasswordSafe.getInstance().getPassword(credentialAttributes); private CredentialAttributes createCredentialAttributes(String key) { return new CredentialAttributes(CredentialAttributesKt.generateServiceName("MySystem", key)); }

Store Credentials

CredentialAttributes credentialAttributes = createCredentialAttributes(serverId); // see previous sample Credentials credentials = new Credentials(username, password); PasswordSafe.getInstance().set(credentialAttributes, credentials);

To remove stored credentials, pass null for the credentials parameter.


The default storage format depends on the OS.

WindowsFile in KeePass format
macOSKeychain using Security Framework
LinuxSecret Service API using [libsecret][linux2]

Users can override the default behavior in Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Passwords.

Last modified: 14 January 2021