IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Required Experience

The IntelliJ Platform is a JVM application, implemented mostly in Java and Kotlin. At this time, it's not possible to develop plugins for the IntelliJ Platform in non-JVM languages.

Developing a plugin for the IntelliJ Platform requires knowledge and experience with the following technologies and concepts:

  • Java, Kotlin, or other JVM language, and its standard and 3rd-party libraries

  • Gradle or a similar build system (e.g., Maven)

  • Swing for building user interfaces

  • Java Concurrency Model

  • experience with IntelliJ Platform-based IDE (e.g., IntelliJ IDEA)

Please keep in mind that the IntelliJ Platform is a large project, and while we are doing our best to cover as many topics as possible, it is not possible to include every feature and use-case in the documentation. Developing a plugin will sometimes require digging into the IntelliJ Platform code and analyzing the example implementations in other plugins.

It's highly recommended to get familiar with the Explore the IntelliJ Platform API section before you start the plugin implementation.

Last modified: 26 February 2024