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Custom Pages

Although it is possible to use HTML tags in the plugin description, usually it is not enough when it comes to adding and editing additional content. Moreover, making changes to the Plugin page often requires publishing a new version of the plugin itself, while trying to include a variety of kinds of texts, like descriptions, manuals, promo material, and so on, can make the overall description bulky.

To address these problems, the Custom Pages feature has been implemented. It allows the author of a plugin to add and manage custom content via the Custom Pages tab. These pages could be used for:

  • Marketing landing pages

  • Presenting additional information

  • Plugin documentation

  • etc.

Create a new Custom Page

Custom pages can be created only for existing plugins. You cannot create custom pages if you doesn't have any uploaded plugins on the Marketplace. It is still possible to create custom pages even if the plugin has not been approved yet.

To create a new custom page, open the Custom Pages tab on the plugin page and click the Add New Page button:

Create a new Custom Page

After that, more custom pages can be added by clicking the Add New Page button on the left panel.

Manage a Custom Page

The following features are available for the custom pages:

  • Markdown editor

  • Ability to see page previews

  • Ability to upload images

  • Ability to save the page as a draft before publishing

Manage a Custom Page

A name and an address of a new page can be up to 24 symbols long. By default, the address is the same as the page name, but they can be edited separately.

Under the name field is a Markdown editor. You can use the most common Markdown features here:

  • Headings

    # H1 ## H2 ### H3 #### H4 ##### H5 Alternative H1 ====== Alternative H2 ------
  • Bold

    **Text in bold**
  • Italics

    *Text in italics*
  • Links

  • Citation

    > Citation
  • Code

  • Pictures

  • Unordered list

    * Unordered list can use asterisks - Or minuses + Or even pluses
  • Ordered list

    1. First ordered list item 2. Second item 3. Another item

You can switch between the Markdown editor and preview at any time by clicking the Markdown/Preview selector under the custom page name field.

Under the Markdown editor is a picture uploader and the Save, Publish/Unpublish and Discard buttons.

Once the custom page is saved and published it will become available for the users as a new plugin tab after the Reviews tab.

A custom page can be deleted by clicking the *Remove* button with the trash bin icon next to the custom page address field.

Last modified: 05 May 2023