JetBrains Marketplace Help

Marketplace Demo instance limitations

  • It is an internal demo of the Marketplace, do not share access, license keys generated, or any other information you get from this internal demo.

  • The Marketplace Demo instance can be cleared from time to time. That is why some plugins/purchases might be removed. If you are affected by this, re-upload your plugin once again and contact our Support team via

  • It is NOT possible to generate offline license keys (aka Offline Activation Codes) at the demo stand due to security reasons. It will be possible to generate offline license keys on production (read more about the offline keys here).

  • It is NOT possible to download plugins/updates which have been copied from the Production instance of the Marketplace. Only plugins/updates uploaded to this Marketplace Demo instance will be accessible.

  • If you plan to test emails on the Marketplace Demo instance, keep in mind that all emails are available to all testers. That is why we ask you to use it responsibly and don't use any confidential names/information there.

Last modified: 21 March 2023