JetBrains Marketplace Help

Testing on JetBrains Marketplace demo

Once you have obtained the credentials and gotten familiar with the JetBrains Marketplace demo limitations, you’re ready to hop in and start your tests.

You might consider testing and reviewing the following:

As a Vendor:

As a User:

Sign In

Access the Marketplace Demo instance and use the credentials you have obtained from JetBrains.

Sign in to the demo

Unfortunately, you can't use the "sign in via Google Account" option, as we can't connect it to non-JetBrains emails. Use username/password that you get from the email titled “ You have been granted access to JetBrains Marketplace Sandbox".

Plugin upload

Once you access the JetBrains Marketplace demo instance, you should log into the JetBrains Marketplace application itself.

Please use your normal Hub account, the same as you would use on the production instance.

Hub Login Window

After that, feel free to upload a new plugin following the steps described here. Your plugin will be automatically approved, unlike in production where it has to undergo our review process.

If you're testing a paid plugin, please make sure you completed the following steps:

JetBrains Demo Account

As in the production environment, you need to have a JetBrains Account to access and manage your licenses, distribute them, view your order history, and more. For test purchases, please create a demo JetBrains Account with credentials similar to these:

Email: Username: TestTest Password: FJKDr478fdjhsj__

To complete your registration, please follow the email instructions that can be viewed at a special URL:

Marketplace Demo plugin purchase

If the plugin is approved and available for sale, you should be able to purchase a license on the Pricing tab:

Pricing page for a vendor

Alternatively, you can use a direct link accordingly where {ID} = PRODUCT CODE:

Personal license

Use the direct link to the shop:

  • {ID} :Y

  • {ID} :M

For a quote:

  • {ID} :Y

  • * {ID} :M

Or go to buy page from the plugin overview:


Commercial license

Use the direct link on the shop:

  • {ID} :Y

  • {ID} :M

For a quote:

  • {ID} :Y

  • {ID} :M

Or go to buy page from the plugin overview


Payment information on the checkout

At the checkout form, you need to use special test cards/payment information provided to us by Adyen (our payment provider):

Test emails sent by the Sales System

Feel free to check all the emails you as a user might receive: sign up, license purchase, etc.

Due to the sensitivity of the data produced during the testing (such as license keys, order information, etc.), we don’t send out any emails from the JetBrains Marketplace Demo Sales Systems.

That is why all the outgoing emails can be viewed at a special URL:

Use responsibly and don't use any confidential names/information there. Please note that information about the plugin you are testing might be exposed to other Beta program users. If you need private testing, please reach out to us, and we’ll try to arrange it.

Feel free to reach out to us via if you have any issues or require our assistance.

Happy testing!

The JetBrains Marketplace team

Last modified: 04 April 2024