JetBrains Marketplace Help

7. Release the Plugin

After all the testing is done, you are ready to start sales of the plugin on the Marketplace.

  1. Upload the plugin to the Marketplace (

  2. Create an Organization and transfer the plugin to this Organization.

  3. Go to the Edit Organization and submit your banking information under the Vendor information tab.

    Vendor Information

  4. Go to the Sales Info tab of the Plugin page and fill in community programs for your plugin.

    Community Programs

  5. When the previous steps are completed, you will see the Add to Marketplace button on the Sales Info tab. If the plugin is ready to release, press this button and submit the Add Plugin to Marketplace form.

    Add To Marketplace

    Please be careful when filling out this form. If some fields are needed to be changed after submitting, please write to the Marketplace Team via

    Also note, that the release-version and release-paid are set in the plugin.xml file. To change these values, reupload the plugin with new values.

  6. We will start a release process. Usually, it takes 1 to 2 business days to prepare the plugin for a release on JetBrains side (as we need to update all the sales and accountancy systems).

Last modified: 07 April 2021