JetBrains Marketplace Help

Plugin Updates

How to upload an update

In most cases, updates are uploaded automatically using Gradle tasks as described in Publishing Plugins with Gradle.

To upload an update manually, click on the Upload Update button in the top left corner:

Upload Update button

Once the update is successfully uploaded, we will review it to make sure it meets the approval criteria. If you have not received a notification about the review status within 2 business days, please contact us at or Slack channel.

How to hide a plugin update

Once the update is approved, it will be publicly available for download. You can hide this update if there are unexpected issues in the build or for any other reasons. Hidden updates are not available via the Marketplace website or IDE search. Such updates can be reached via direct link only.

Hide Update button

To make the update publicly available just click on the eye icon again.

How to remove a plugin update

Plugin version can be easily removed by clicking on the trash can icon:

Remove Update button

If this icon is not available for this plugin version, it is related to paid or freemium plugins only (specifically, to the release-date parameters). Most likely, there are no other updates with the same release-date and release-version as in this update, so please consider hiding such version or contact us at with such a request.

How to edit an update after submission

There is no option to edit the update after submission except for the compatibility range:

Edit compatibility range

Use since-build and until-build values to declare the product compatibility of specific version range. Please refer to the following build number ranges to specify these values correctly.

Last modified: 05 May 2023