JetBrains Marketplace Help

Uploading a new plugin

In order to upload a new plugin, you must first log in to JetBrains Marketplace. Then, navigate to your user account menu and select Upload plugin.

Upload plugin

Uploading a new plugin is a two-step process:

  1. Select the Vendor profile under which you’re publishing the plugin.

    Select vendor from the list

    The plugin can be published under your Individual or Organization profile. If you haven't uploaded any plugins to JetBrains Marketplace, you will be required to accept the JetBrains Marketplace Developer Agreement and create your Vendor profile.

  2. Submit plugin details.

    Select vendor from the list

File size: The maximum size allowed for a plugin is 400 MB.

License: You must provide your own end user license agreement with any plugin via JetBrains Marketplace. We cannot recommend any specific licenses, though we can point you either to commonly used open-source licenses or the EULA.

Tags: When you upload a new plugin, please make sure to choose the correct tags as they are used as search filters. Incorrect tags can lead to irrelevant search results and may impact the discoverability of your plugin.

Channels: If you do not want your plugin to be generally available (like if it is an Alpha, Beta, or EAP version), please add a Custom Release Channel.

Hidden flag: This lets you keep the plugin hidden, even after approval.

Last modified: 04 April 2024