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Download statistics

Download growth is a key performance indicator for your plugin. You can view the plugin downloads statistics on the Overview page of your plugin. Filter out downloads by the specific plugin version or view the overall statistics for all stable versions released.

Additionally, you can view downloads divided by period (month, week, day) or specific IDE (without a time reference). You can download the graph in various formats (image, CSV, etc.)

Plugin download statistics for all versions may also include downloads of removed updates. Keep in mind that the processing latency for download statistics is 24 hours.

Total Downloads:

We show the total number of downloads right above the graph. This number is also displayed in the plugin card preview and IDE search.

Main Download Window

Unique Downloads:

By default, we show unique download statistics.

The uniqueness is based on the unique user ID (UUID) which is bound to the computer OS. The UUID is shared among all IntelliJ-based IDEs on this computer and does not change during IDE updates.However, the UUID will be different if an IDE with one license is installed on various computers.

Downloads by version:

When All Versions mode is selected, the plugin version is ignored during calculation.

For example, downloads of version 1.1 and version 1.2 with the same UUID will be non-unique.

Downloads by timeframes:

If there are several downloads by one UUID within one week, this will be counted as one unique download in the weekly and monthly views.

Downloads filtered by timeframes
Last modified: 28 September 2023