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DataGrip Extension Point List

12 Extension Points (EP) for DataGrip

See Extension Point List for IntelliJ Platform EPs.



Topic links the declaration of corresponding Topic.

Listener links corresponding listener interface to implement.

Extension Points

Extension Point searches for usages inside existing implementations of open-source IntelliJ Platform plugins via IntelliJ Platform Explorer.

Implementation is related Extension Point class.


DeprecatedDeprecated APIPlease see code documentation for replacement
Experimental APIExperimental APIImplementation annotated with @ApiStatus.Experimental, API might be altered or removed without prior notice
Internal APIInternal APIImplementation annotated with @ApiStatus.Internal, should not be used by 3rd party
Project-LevelProject-Level Extension Point/TopicCan have Project as constructor parameter

Extension Point: Declared with area="IDEA_PROJECT"
Listener: registered in <projectListeners>
Non-DynamicNon-Dynamic Extension PointInstallation/update of plugin requires IDE restart (Dynamic Plugins)



Last modified: 14 September 2021