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Contributing to the blog

Plugin vendors can submit a blog post as a part of their additional value program. Posting blog articles can help you position yourselves as thought leaders and drive awareness and interest in your plugin. Your post will be published in the JetBrains Platform blog or the blog of an applicable JetBrains product (subject to negotiation). You can state your preferences regarding which blog section you’d like to appear in, but this is up to editorial discretion.

This option is available for both paid and free plugin vendors, but your plugin shouldn’t be paid via own checkout. You can contribute in the form of a guest post or an interview. These types of posts can be published once per month. If there is a queue of posts to be published, submissions from commercial partners (paid plugin developers) will be prioritized. If your blog post is published on the JetBrains Platform blog, it is not allowed to reuse it on your own blog or other platforms. Instead, you can create a supporting post and provide a link to your guest post.

Guest posts

We accept any type of educational and inspiring expert content including:

  • Instructions and tutorials for end-users on how to achieve a specific outcome (how-tos, tips & tricks).

  • Advice on your area of expertise (e.g. a deep-dive into a technology).

  • How to solve plugin development challenges.

  • Lessons learned from building and distributing plugins on JetBrains Marketplace.

  • Non-technical tips that can come in useful for plugin developers (operations, business growth marketing tips).

  • Use cases and success stories (how your clients reached their goal with the help of your plugin and JetBrains IDE).

  • Inspiring plugins (e.g. you may list several plugins grouped by function).


  • The topic of the article should be approved by JetBrains.

  • Your article should not be for the sole purpose of promoting a specific plugin, but rather teaching users the solution to a problem.

  • If you are mentioning your plugin as a possible solution to a problem, please include at least one alternative.

  • The length of the article should be around 400 words or more.

  • Images should be of high quality and shouldn’t include any personal information.

  • The post shouldn’t be published elsewhere.

  • You can have no more than 3 self-serving links: one to your personal social media in the bio, one to your plugin’s JetBrains Marketplace listing page, and one additional link of your choice.

  • If you are linking to your plugin, the link should lead to its listing on JetBrains Marketplace, not your site.

  • If you are providing a link to your plugin page, it should satisfy all the requirements listed in the Approval Guidelines as well as additional requirements for plugin page content listed here.

Guest post publishing process:

  1. Submit a form with the preliminary information.

  2. We will let you know if the suggested topic is a good fit for JetBrains (please expect an answer in 2 business days).

  3. Create your first draft in Google Docs.

  4. Submit a form with a link to the Google Doc and some additional details (we will ask you to submit all the required images, author’s bio and links).

  5. We will review and proofread the article and send it back to you for your final approval.

  6. We will publish an article on the JetBrains Platform blog and promote it on our Twitter.


A plugin developer can apply to do an interview the results of which will be shared via blog post. You'll be asked to fill in the Interview Outline and tell us more about your company, your professional responsibilities, your plugin, and your experience with JetBrains Marketplace. The outline has extensive writing prompts to help with writing. Not all sections and topics are required for the blog post. You can pick and choose the ones that you feel are most important for you to convey to the readers. If you have any other questions in mind that you would like to cover, feel free to add them.

Here are a few past interview blog post examples:

Interview process:

  • Please make a copy of this document and fill out the outline.

  • After filling out the questions, please share your Google Doc with This will mean the document is ready for review.

  • We will let you know if we have any further questions and then send the final text to copywriters for proofreading.

  • We’ll request your photo (700x700) and any additional images and screenshots you’d like to include (PNG, 800px width).

  • Once the text is proofread, we’ll send it back to you for your final approval.

  • We will publish an interview on the JetBrains Platform blog and promote it on our Twitter.

Last modified: 04 April 2024