JetBrains Marketplace Help

Legal agreements and policies

To support JetBrains Marketplace operations from the legal side, JetBrains has the following agreements in place:

1. JetBrains Marketplace Developer Agreement

It is an agreement between a plugin developer (or plugin vendor) and JetBrains covering all aspects of publishing the plugin to JetBrains Marketplace and (optionally) selling it via JetBrains. This document includes all terms and conditions related to business between the vendor (developer) and JetBrains.

You can find a document here:

This agreement must be signed (on the website, no physical copy) before the plugin is uploaded. It includes terms and conditions for non-marketplace developer-related matters as well.

2. JetBrains Marketplace Approval Guidelines

It is a guideline for approval of the plugins, updates, and related assets. It's referenced from the JetBrains Marketplace Developer Agreement and is applied towards all plugins (both paid and free.)

You can find a document here:

3. JetBrains Plugin Marketplace Agreement

It is a general document covering everything that happens on JetBrains Marketplace resources (the main resource is a plugin repository: It's provided in addition to JetBrains general Terms of Use and expands it with marketplace-related terms. It applies to everyone using the marketplace (both to end-users and developers uploading/selling plugins).

You can find a document here:

If you are using JetBrains Marketplace from Russia, Terms of Use (JetBrains Distributions s.r.o.) apply instead of the standard Terms of Use.

4. Privacy Policy

It is a unified document for all JetBrains web resources, it applies to JetBrains Marketplace, too:

5. Purchasing Terms

This document includes payment terms, ways of product delivery, order placement and acceptance, how we manage personal data during the purchase, etc., and it covers products sold via JetBrains Marketplace, too: (it's unified document for all purchases from JetBrains, already includes all the necessary JetBrains Marketplace provisions.)

6. JetBrains Marketplace Content Moderation Policy

This policy defines inappropriate content and establishes the procedures through which JetBrains moderates the inappropriate content:

Last modified: 04 April 2024