JetBrains Marketplace Help

Revenue sharing

A revenue-sharing model is applied for all plugins sold and licensed via JetBrains, which means that JetBrains takes a commission from all plugin sales. Our reason for this is that we want to make sure that the JetBrains Marketplace model is sustainable and that we are able to re-invest in the plugin development ecosystem. The commission on each plugin purchase is set to 15%, and it is deducted from the sale price before money is transferred to the plugin developer.

As outlined in the Developer Agreement, the commission rate can be changed with one-month notice, but it can never be more than 25%. For high-revenue plugins, we may work with the plugin creators to negotiate a custom formula in order to make the terms more favorable for them.

We don’t charge any additional fees pertaining to developing extensions or listing them on JetBrains Marketplace.

Share calculation in regards to taxes and distribution channels

We calculate the plugin developer’s share from the price set by the vendor. If there are any additional taxes (such as VAT or WHT) involved in the sale to the end user (either personal or commercial), then these taxes are calculated on top of the price and can’t be included in the calculation of the fee. JetBrains takes care of processing any taxes related to the sale of the license. If any partner, reseller, or distributor commissions are involved, they are paid from JetBrains’ commission, not by the plugin developer.

Here are some examples of how the developer’s share is calculated (percentage values may vary depending on circumstances and are used here as examples):

Direct sale:

Last price


Tax (20%)


Total price for customer


JetBrains commission


Developer’s share


Sale via a Reseller:

List price


Tax (20%)


Total price for customer


Reseller fee (5%)


JetBrains commission (15% minus the reseller fee)


Developer’s share



List price – the price set by the vendor.

Tax – the total amount of taxes paid on the product, such as VAT, WHT, etc.

Total price for customer - the amount the customer pays in total, which includes the sale price and taxes.

Reseller fee – the percentage of the plugin’s list price kept by the reseller.

JetBrains commission - the commission JetBrains gets from the sale of the plugin or product.

Developer’s share - the amount the plugin vendor receives from the sale.

Payouts for plugin vendors

Plugin vendors are paid in accordance with the rules defined in the Developer Agreement.

Among other things, this agreement stipulates that plugin vendors are paid:

  • In USD or EUR, as determined by the vendor and specified under the Vendor Information tab for your Organization.

  • Up to 30 days after the end of the month

  • To the vendor’s bank account.

  • When the payout amount reaches a minimum of $200/€200, depending on the currency selected.

  • On December 31 of every year, even if the payout amount is less than the minimum.

  • Using a self-billing invoice issued by JetBrains, so you don't need to generate one yourself.

Last modified: 28 November 2023