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Revenue sharing and JetBrains fee for plugins sold via Marketplace

If the plugin is sold & licensed via JetBrains, a revenue-sharing model is applied.

The rake (commission on plugin purchase via JetBrains, "100%-rake%" is known as a Developer Fee) is a % of a plugin sale price charged by JetBrains (deducted from the sale price before transferring money to the plugin developer) for its services, and it's set to the following amount:

  • 5% for the first year from the launch of the marketplace (promo period- the reduced fee which covers only part of JetBrains expenses. The fee is reduced for the first year to support the first vendors adopting JetBrains Marketplace.) As the support for paid plugins on the Marketplace has been released on June 26th, 2019, this % will be applied until June 30th, 2020 (23:59:59 CEST.)

  • 15% after the first year since the marketplace paid plugins launch passed. This % will be applied from July 1st, 2020 (00:00:00 CEST), as the paid plugins support at the Marketplace has been launched on June 26th, 2019.

As of the developer agreement, the commission can be changed with one-month notice, but it never can be more than 25%. Later on, we'd like to reduce the commission for high-revenue plugins - we've provided a clause to define a "custom formula" based on individual negotiations.

There will be no additional "marketplace developer fee" or "subscription fee" for getting access to the marketplace for vendors, but we'll review all the vendors who would like to join the program.

Pricing/fee calculations in regards to taxes and distribution channels

We always calculate the plugin developer fee from the list price (i.e., the price you have set as the price we need to sell the plugin for), so you will always get 100%-rake% as your plugin developer commission.

If there are any additional taxes (e.g., VAT, WHT, etc.) involved in the sale to the end-user (either personal or commercial), the tax is calculated on top of the list price. After that, the collected tax is settled with the respective government tax office. As neither JetBrains nor plugin developer is entitled to get these tax money collected, it is not a part of the fee calculation.

If there are any partner / reseller / distributor commissions involved, they are paid from JetBrains commission, not from plugin developer commission.

A couple of examples:

Marketplace Direct Sale

Marketplace Reseller Sale


  • Plugin Price AKA List Price- the price which is agreed with the vendor to be a "source" price.

  • Marketed Price- the price which is shown to end-users.

  • TAX i.e., VAT/WHT/etc.- amount of taxes - VAT/WHT/GST/etc. (!) EXAMPLE, NOT REAL NUMBERS

  • Customer paid- how much does the customer pay (usually, it's a marketed price plus taxes.)

  • Margin- reseller margin (how much % they keep from the plugin price / list price when selling JetBrains product.) (!) EXAMPLE, NOT REAL NUMBERS.

  • Vendor fee- how much the vendor of the product/plugin gets as a remuneration.

  • JetBrains got (excl. taxes)- what JetBrains gets (we don't include taxes here for simplicity of calculations.)

  • JetBrains paid to plugin dev (excl. taxes)- what JetBrains pays out to the plugin developer (we don't include taxes here for simplicity of calculations.)

Last modified: 29 March 2020