IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Additional Minor Features

A number of minor features are listed in the following format:

EP: fully.qualified.extensionPointName - Extension Point Name (must be specified in plugin.xml)

com.extensionPoint.class description text - Extension Point class/interface to provide functionality

- Sample 1 - Sample implementation

Brace Matching

EP: com.intellij.lang.braceMatcher

PairedBraceMatcher Returns an array of brace pairs (BracePair) specifying the characters for the opening and closing braces and the lexer token types for these characters. (In principle, it is possible to return multi-character tokens, like "begin" and "end", as the start and end tokens of a brace pair. The IDE will match such braces, but the highlighting for such braces will not be entirely correct.)

Certain types of braces can be marked as structural. Structural braces have higher priority than regular braces: they are matched with each other even if there are unmatched braces of different types between them. An opening non-structural brace is not matched with a closing one if one of them is inside a pair of matched structural braces and another is outside.

Comment Code

EP: com.intellij.lang.commenter

Commenter returns the prefix for the line comment, and the prefix and suffix for the block comment if supported by the language.

Code Folding

EP: com.intellij.lang.foldingBuilder

FoldingBuilder returns the list of foldable text ranges (as an array of FoldingDescriptor objects), the replacement text which is shown for each range when it is folded, and the default state of each folding region (folded or unfolded).

Join Lines

EP: com.intellij.joinLinesHandler

JoinLinesHandlerDelegate allows extending support smart/semantic Edit | Join Lines (e.g., String literal split on multiple lines).

Smart Enter

EP: com.intellij.lang.smartEnterProcessor

SmartEnterProcessor handles Edit | Complete Statement (e.g., autocomplete missing semicolon/parentheses).

Naming Suggestions

EP: com.intellij.nameSuggestionProvider

NameSuggestionProvider provides name suggestions for the given element, e.g., for Rename refactoring.

Semantic Highlight Usages

EP: com.intellij.highlightUsagesHandlerFactory

HighlightUsagesHandlerFactory allows highlighting e.g., Exit Points or Exceptions.

Parameter Info

EP: com.intellij.codeInsight.parameterInfo

ParameterInfoHandler provides support for View | Parameter Info.

To Do View

EP: n/a

ParserDefinition.getCommentTokens() must return the set of tokens treated as comments to populate To Do View.

Context Info

EP: com.intellij.declarationRangeHandler

DeclarationRangeHandler provides View | Context Info for custom languages with structure view implementation based on a TreeBasedStructureViewBuilder.



SpellcheckingStrategy provides Tokenizer to use for given PsiElement (return EMPTY_TOKENIZER for no spellchecking).

Reference Injection

EP: com.intellij.referenceInjector

ReferenceInjector allows users to inject pre-defined references (e.g., "Encoding", "File Reference") into PsiLanguageInjectionHost elements (IntelliLang plugin required).

Color Preview/Chooser

EP: com.intellij.colorProvider

ElementColorProvider renders gutter icon for element containing color information.

File Includes

EP: com.intellij.include.provider

FileIncludeProvider provides information about include statements resolving to files (e.g., <xi:include> in XML). Including/included files can then be obtained via FileIncludeManager.

Last modified: 12 January 2022