IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Code Samples


This guide comes with a number of sample plugins available from dedicated intellij-sdk-code-samples GitHub repository.

Please see which lists all available code samples with a short description.

Each sample is stored in a dedicated folder and is accompanied by its own Links to the corresponding tutorial or reference page in this tutorial, as well as a list of relevant show-cased elements are provided.

Using Gradle

All sample plugins are based on Gradle, see Building Plugins with Gradle to get started.

Additionally, the screencast Working with Gradle in IntelliJ IDEA offers a thorough introduction to Gradle functionality inside IntelliJ IDEA.

Setting up Code Samples

Make sure plugins Git, Gradle, and Plugin DevKit are enabled.

Clone the intellij-sdk-code-samples GitHub repository via Git | Clone.... After successful cloning, the IDE suggests opening the project.

Select the code sample(s) to import via the Gradle tool window.

Alternatively, import all code samples available by choosing _gradleCompositeBuild, which links all Gradle projects in a Composite Build.

After successful import, the project appears in the Gradle tool window tree as a new node.

Running Code Samples

Run the plugin by using the Gradle runIde task shown under the corresponding project's Tasks node.

Last modified: 03 June 2021