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Example PhpStorm Third-Party Plugins

This page lists some example PhpStorm plugins created by third-party developers.


The Symfony plugin is a free plugin for Symfony framework developers.

There are lots of features included into this plugin, such as Symfony-specific completion and navigation for symbols, templates, service container, Doctrine, translations, routes, forms, events, and more.


The Laravel plugin is a free plugin for Laravel developers.

It provides code completion and navigation for various Laravel components: controllers, routes, views, configuration, services, and translations. You can also use Laravel-specific live templates for generating various Laravel entities.

Laravel Idea

The Laravel Idea plugin is a paid plugin for Laravel developers.

It provides a wide array of code generation and code completion features and includes hundreds of useful helpers, including configuration and translation keys, gates names completion, blade support, etc.


Magicento is a paid PhpStorm plugin for Magento developers. A free limited version is available. Features include: Goto for factories and template paths, autocomplete for factories, XML files and class names, documentation for XML nodes, evaluation of PHP code inside the Magento environment, and much more to come!


YiiStorm is a plugin for PhpStorm IDE that is adding code navigation enhancements for Yii framework based projects. Features are: Going from render and renderPartial to the view file. Includes controllers, partials, and widgets. Supports all ways of specifying a view: themes, smarty .tpl views and external actions; Going from model name in relations() to the model class; Going from the $this->widget('') call to the widget class; Going from controller actions() to action class.


Nette is a family of mature and stand-alone components for PHP that create a framework.






Nette framework helpers

Nette framework helpers make application development in Nette easier. The plugin provides code completion and navigation for Nette components, annotations, and DI service methods in PHP code. It also implements PHP type by PhpTypeProvider.

Nette web


Nette plugin


Nette Latte plugin supports Latte language – the safest & truly intuitive templates for PHP. The plugin implements custom language. Partially support PHP like in .php files (code completion, inspections, references to classes, methods, properties, etc.). Supports load config from XML files located in the project. It implements Stub indexes and more around custom language.

Latte web


Latte plugin


Nette Neon is commonly used for any structured data, such as settings, language translations, etc. It is very similar to YAML. The plugin implements custom language. Easy implementation for Go to PHP classes and completion for classes.

Neon web


Neon plugin

Nette Tester

Nette Tester is a simple and yet convenient PHP code testing tool. The plugin implements "run configurations" and "run line markers". Supports run configurations in a remote interpreter (eg: in Docker or docker-compose).

Tester web


Tester plugin

PHP Annotations

The PHP Annotations plugin extends PhpStorm to support annotations in PHPDoc blocks.

Last modified: 31 March 2023