IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK Help

Testing FAQ

This page lists a number of common questions/issues and techniques useful for testing plugins.

Useful Classes


How to avoid blinking tests?

Always call super.tearDown() inside finally {..} block of your test class to avoid leaks and side-effects from previously run (failed) tests.

Avoid OS-specific assumptions (e.g., filesystem case-sensitivity, hardcoded separator instead of

Use ordered collections or UsefulTestCase.assertUnorderedCollection().

Code deferring execution (e.g., via Application.invokeLater()) might not run during test execution (and possibly fails in production, too). Use invokeLater(runnable, myProject.getDisposed().

How to avoid test failure when using resources?

In some situations, added or changed files (e.g. DTDs provided by plugin) are not refreshed in VFS. In such cases, simply delete test-system/caches in your sandbox directory and try again.

How to enable DEBUG/TRACE logging?

Set system properties idea.log.debug.categories or idea.log.trace.categories, respectively.

How to get separate logs for failing tests?

Set system property idea.split.test.logs to true to generate separate test log files in splitTestLogs subdirectory for failing tests (WARN/ERROR level messages) (2021.3).


How to mark test-only elements in production code?

Annotate with org.jetbrains.annotations.TestOnly, usages will be highlighted via inspection JVM languages | Test-only usage in production code.

How to run tests for all files in a directory?

Use FileBasedTestCaseHelper, please see its javadoc for instructions.

How to modify setup on per-test basis?

Use UsefulTestCase.getTestName() or create your own annotation(s) which can be checked via UsefulTestCase.annotatedWith().

How to run performance test?

Use PlatformTestUtil.startPerformanceTest() to assert machine-adjusted metrics.

How to dispatch pending UI events?

Use PlatformTestUtil.dispatchAllInvocationEventsInIdeEventQueue().

How to disable stderr logging?

Use DefaultLogger.disableStderrDumping() passing getTestRootDisposable().

How to register a resource (DTD, XSD) temporarily?

Use ExternalResourceManagerExImpl.registerResourceTemporarily() passing getTestRootDisposable().

How to replace component/service in tests?

Provide testServiceImplementation for service declaration in plugin.xml, or use ServiceContainerUtil.

How to replace extension points in tests?

Use ExtensionTestUtil.

How to wait for specified amount of time?

Use com.intellij.util.TimeoutUtil.sleep().

JVM: How to add Maven dependencies?

Use MavenDependencyUtil.

Last modified: 12 January 2022