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Exception analyzer

An easy way to report plugin exceptions from IntelliJ Platform-based products to plugin developers right on JetBrains Marketplace is to use JetBrains Exception Analyzer (EA) as a backend service.

Before this, developers could only implement a custom error handler.

How does it work?

On the user’s side:

  • An exception occurs, and the user is informed about it in the IDE via a modal window.

  • The modal window contains all of the exception’s technical data and the consent to send the exception, which can then be shared with the plugin developer.

  • The user clicks on Report to the third-party plugin, which sends this exception report to the plugin developer.

IDE Internal Errors

On the developer’s side:

  • The developer can review the exception on the plugin page under the Exceptions tab. In the current version, all exceptions are listed in two groups: Unresolved Issues and Resolved Issues.

  • The developer has all of the necessary information about the exception (OS, IDE versions, stack trace, etc).

  • The developer investigates the issue and marks it as “Resolved” once it’s fixed.

What metadata is sent

The information that report could include is:

"appInfo", "", "update.ignored.builds", "", "", "plugin.version", "last.action", "previous.exception", "error.message", "error.stacktrace", "error.description", "error.redacted", "", "attachment.value", "", "assignee.list.visible", "assignee.list.timestamp"

"appInfo" could also include:

"protocol.version", "", "java.version", "java.vm.vendor", "", "", "", "app.eap", "app.internal", "", "app.version.major", "app.version.minor", "", "", "app.product.code", ""
Exceptions tab

How do I opt in?

To start getting exception reports from users, it is necessary to opt-in to this feature by adding the following entry that provides the JetBrains Marketplace error handler implementation to the plugin.xml file:

<idea-plugin> <!-- ... --> <extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij"> <errorHandler implementation="com.intellij.diagnostic.JetBrainsMarketplaceErrorReportSubmitter"/> </extensions> </idea-plugin>

The JetBrainsMarketplaceErrorReportSubmitter helper class has been available since the 2023.3 release cycle.

Once the error handler implementation is added, contact and JetBrains Marketplace team will enable the feature for you.

Last modified: 04 April 2024