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Plugin monetization

Monetizing a plugin can be a great way to make a profit that will allow you to invest in the further development of your plugin.

Business Models

Please explore the following business models and select the one you'd like to proceed with.

  • Free:

    If you want to keep offering your plugin for free, you can still earn some money by accepting donations. This approach can help you build a user base and establish your plugin's reputation. Users who find value in your work may support you voluntarily.

  • Freemium:

    You can offer some features for free and offer a license to access all of the features. Users will be able to evaluate paid features during a 30-day trial period.

  • Paid:

    All plugin features will be available for paid users only. This model is suitable when you want to offer features that are not available for free, providing only a 30-day trial period and allowing users to evaluate a plugin before purchasing.

  • Externally paid:

    Access to plugin features is managed by the plugin vendor’s own licensing solution. This model is applicable when plugin authors prefer to manage subscriptions and purchases through their own system.

Licensing Schemes

The following licensing schemes are available:

  • Yearly/Monthly Subscription without a Fallback License:

    Users will be able to use your plugin only if they have an active subscription. This model ensures a steady revenue stream as long as users maintain their subscriptions.

  • Yearly/Monthly Subscription with a Fallback License:

    Users will get access to a specific plugin version for a lifetime, but updates are available only if they have an active subscription. This can be a way to provide long-term value to users and maintain their satisfaction even if they decide to cancel their subscription(s).

  • Perpetual License:

    Users will pay once and will get access to your plugin updates for a lifetime. This model can be attractive to users who prefer to make a single payment and use the plugin indefinitely.

Licensing types

The following types of licenses can be provided to users:

  • Commercial licenses (business and organizations).

  • Personal licenses (individual customers).

  • Trial licenses (30-day trial).

  • Free licenses (as a part of the community support program or custom offers).

More information can be found here.

Last modified: 01 July 2024