JetBrains Marketplace Help

Plugin Monetization

Monetizing a plugin can be a great way to make a profit that will allow you to invest in the further development of your plugin. Please explore the following business models and select the one you'd like to proceed with:

  • Free model

    If you want to keep offering your plugin for free, you can still earn some money by accepting donations.

  • Freemium model

    If you don't want to go fully paid, you can offer some features at no cost in addition to paid features.

  • Paid model

    If you are ready to go fully paid, there are 2 options for you:

    • Paid-via-JetBrains (revenue sharing model) when the plugin is sold via JetBrains Marketplace. (Recommended)

    • Paid-via-Vendor (no revenue sharing, third-party license keys) when the plugin is sold via Vendor.

Last modified: 11 September 2023