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Revamping Plugins

The Revamping Plugins series is about sharing the experience of updating outdated plugins to align with the latest IntelliJ Platform SDK guidelines.

Building a Plugin for WebStorm

A tutorial blog post series for JavaScript developers.




Busy Plugin Developers #4
Dmitry Kandalov/Yann Cebron, 04/2022

Adding IDE Features at runtime using LivePlugin

Busy Plugin Developers #3
Jakub Chrzanowski/Anna Maltceva/Yann Cebron, 11/2021

Building Themes for IntelliJ-based IDEs
Latest updates to JetBrains Marketplace

Busy Plugin Developers #2
Anna Maltceva/Łukasz Wawrzyk/Jakub Chrzanowski, 09/2021

How to improve your Marketplace plugin page to attract more users
ide-probe, a testing and benchmarking framework for IntelliJ-based IDEs

Busy Plugin Developers #1
Jakub Chrzanowski/Semyon Atamas/Paweł Lipski, 07/2021

What is Gradle IntelliJ Plugin
New features of Gradle IntelliJ Plugin
How to start with Gradle IntelliJ Plugin
Types of signing and how they work
How JetBrains Marketplace signature works
How to sign your plugin
Tools and tips for testing UI of IntelliJ Plugins

Make IntelliJ IDEA Your Own
Sirisha Pratha, 05/2021

In this session, we'll explore the benefits provided by IntelliJ IDEA's customization options, and you will learn how to make the IDE your own. We will also look at the plugins available on the JetBrains Marketplace, discuss the process of developing them, and demo a few custom ones.

IntelliJ IDEA Conf 2021
Various Speakers, 02/2021

Playlist includes a number of presentations related to plugin development

Busy Plugin Developers #0
Mikhail Vink/Jakub Chrzanowski/Yann Cebron, 12/2020

IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template
Plugin DevKit Features
IntelliJ Platform Explorer
What's coming in 2021?
Introduction to the Marketplace
How to make your plugin successful?
Sell on the Marketplace

How We Built Comma, the Raku IDE, on the IntelliJ Platform
Jonathan Worthington, 01/2020

How to build custom language support
How to go from a language support plugin to an IDE
Lessons Learned

Blog post

Building IntelliJ IDEA plugins in Scala
Igal Tabachnik, 2020

In this talk, I will show how to create plugins for IDEA from scratch in Scala, and show why Scala's unique features make it a great fit for such tasks as inspecting and manipulating Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs) to create your own custom suggestions and quick-fixes.

Live Development of a PyCharm Plugin
Joachim Ansorg, 2019

Background and architecture of IntelliJ plugins
Development using tests
Implementing interesting extension points
Viewing the plugin in the IDE (PyCharm)

Blog post

Build Developer Tools On Top of IntelliJ Platform
Dmitry Jemerov, 2013

This webinar makes an overview on IntelliJ Platform and explains how you can use it for building your own products.

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